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A history of F.W. Woolworth between 1900 and 1910 - The Woolworths  Museum 1900s Gallery. (Pictured, left, foreground, Fred Moore Woolworth, the first British MD, right inset Frank W. Woolworth, the Five-and-Ten Pioneer.)


1900s Gallery


Icons that show that this gallery is divided into three parts - Expansions and Flotation in the USA, Biographies of the American Founders and the early history of the subsidiary in the UK and IrelandThe original Woolworth skyscraper - Frank's six story development in North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, pictured in 1905

The first Woolworth Building - Lancaster's six story skyscraper

Woolworth Syndicate Stores conquer America's big cities
Flotation of F. W. Woolworth & Co. in the USA and Canada

Frank Winfield Woolworth   Charles Sumner Woolworth
Seymour Horace Knox   Earle Perry Charlton
Fred Morgan Kirby   William Harvey Moore

British Biogs:   F. M. Woolworth  B.D. Miller   C.H. Hubbard   
   W.L. Stephenson   Siting the first UK stores
Company Structure   Controversy about the British openings
First British store


Some of the wide variety of items available for sixpence or less from an early Woolworth store