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Meet the team who worked at Woolworth's in the 1910s


During the twentieth century more than a million people worked for Woolworths somewhere around the world. Some worked their whole careers with Wooies in Britain from leaving school at 14 or 15 to retirement at age 60. A few worked even longer - invited back to help the company through World War II. Others, particularly youngsters who worked on Saturdays, popped in for a short while on their way to other careers.

On this page there are snapshots of the teams from four stores:

  • two from the UK - Ramsgate, Kent and Southend-on-Sea, Essex
  • two from the USA - Marshalltown, Iowa and Glen Falls, New York


The staff of the F.W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd. store in High Street, Ramsgate, Kent - pictured in 1917


1917 was the first year when all Woolworth staff in the UK were issued with uniforms, rather than being told to wear their own clothes with white blouses or shirts and black skirts or trousers and black shoes. The picture was taken to mark the store's first birthday - it had opened on 5 August 1916.


Colleagues at the Southend, Essex UK (left) and Marshalltown Iowa branches of Woolworths in 1918-19

Above: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, 1918                   Above: interior of Marshalltown, Iowa, USA 1919       New US Store 1919


The team of Charles Sumner Woolworth's store in Glen Falls, USA - pictured in 1911 (Image with special thanks to Mr Scott Oakford, C.S. Woolworth's great grandson)

Above: the team at C. S. Woolworth's store in Glen Falls, shortly before the name was lost in the $65m merger