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1929 Home Shopping Guide


This page of the Woolworths Museum shows further pages from the Home Shopping Guide published by F.W. Woolworth Co. as part of its Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations. Although locally sourced, the British stores carried broadly the same ranges at the time.

Christmas and other holidays pages from the original Woolworth home shopping brochure from 1929


For the bathroom, and for me, example  pages from the original Woolworth home shopping brochure from 1929


Pure Candy (Pic'n'Mix) and For Your Table - a double-age spread from the original Woolworths 'big books', dating from 1929


For your kitchen and for your pantry, everything you need for Clooking and Cleaning is featured in the Woolworths Home Shopping Guide booklet from 1929

For women and girls and for your toilet table, two features from the original Woolworth Home Shopping Guide booklet from 1929


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