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Woolworth Staff War Memorial

"They gave their lives that we might live"

Killed in action during World War II


Memoria in Aeterna.  The Woolworth War Memorial was carved in oak and inlaid with gold.  It does not include the names of the fallen.  We are proud to honour all those whose names we know.  Rest in peace.



Adams, F.C.
Aldridge, J.
Andsell, A.
Aslen, J. F.
Ashton. B.
Atikinson, C.
Atkinson, F.
Baker, G.
Ball, A. S.
Bath, J. L.
Beaumont, C. A.
Bell, R.
Bendall, J. B.
Boardman, F.
Brier, P. D.
Broad, C. L.
Carter, J.
Clark, R.
Clarke, C.
Conn, G.
Cooper, B.N.
Cooper, C.
Corrigan, D.
Counsell, S. S.
Crawford, D.
Crawford, J.
Cragg, E. F.
Craig, J.
Cronin, H.
Cross, D. A.
Croxton, A. R.
Crowe, H.
Curtis, C. C.
Day, C.
Day, R.
Dawson, H.
Dixon, C.
Dorward, D. K.
Drakard, L.
Draper, T.
Drury, C.
Edwards, L.
Fischer, N.
Fisher, J. A.
Forrester, J.
Fox, G.
Frowd, L. W.

329 Camden Town
255 Southwark Park Road
440 Cardiff
Metropolitan District Office
274 Rochdale
87 Acton
136 Lancaster
161 Oxford Street
484 Cardiff
289 Fratton, Portsmouth
68 Watford
118 Glasgow
452 Hitchin
406 Harrow
52 Huddersfield
246 Ilfracombe
1 Liverpool
171 York
5 Leeds
550 Hornchurch
360 Barnsley
720 Hayes, Kent
71 Sutton
81 Weston-Super-Mare
755 Rothesay
39 Glasgow
307 Newbury
118 Glasgow
15 Peckham
159 Carlisle
103 Birmingham
734 Kenton
184 Bedford
551 Christchurch
295 Windsor
493 Chippenham
308 Rhyl
189 Oxford
29 Derby
700 Cheapside, London
293 Upton Park
685 Bridport
48 Stockport
604 Morriston
Liverpool District Office
48 Stockport
139 Weymouth


Gardner, L. W.
Glennon, W. E.
Gould, E. G. S.
Grant, I. M.
Greenwood, J. H. R.
Grimshaw, H.
Gristwood, F. L.
Handley, A.
Hardcastle, C.
Harding, W.
Hillier, W.
Hookham, F. W.
Howell, T.
Hughes, P. M.
Humphries, W. C.
Hunt, E. G.
Illingworth, W. R.
Jaggard, G. D.
James, J. B.
Karn, T. D.
Keetch, R. S.
Knight, K.
Lang, H. G.
Livesay, N.
Lomax, A.
Lucas, D. B.
McCall T.
McIntyre, R. E.
McKenzie, A.
Mair, G.
Mason, E.
Millward, N.
Mitchell, A. R.
Molloy, P.
Moore, D.
Morgan, C. P.
Morgan, R. I.
Morrison, H. G.
Montgomery, D.A.
Moore, J. T.
Moss, C. J.
Mousley, K.C.

205 Enfield
636 Chesham
25 Cardiff
152 Birkenhead
Executive (Head) Office
22 Warrington
321 Durham
213 Edinburgh
171 York
316 Bishop Stortford
192 Margate
632 Sevenoaks
239 West Ealing
571 Dunstable
111 Reading
367 Upper Edmonton
5 Leeds
247 Woking
287 Llanelli
304 Camborne
110 Taunton
4 Manchester
56 Plymouth
344 Bognor 
89 Worthing
9 Woolwich
482 Bacup
44 Norwich
197 Perth
180 Leith
239 West Ealing
4 Manchester
215 Leigh
4 Manchester
162 Kensington
135 Swansea
71 Sutton
25 Cardiff
162 Kensington
542 Hinckley
Executive (Head) Office
12 Croydon


Newnham, J. W.
Newman, S.
Niblett, J.
Northrop, K.
O'Halloran, T.
O'Keefe, R.
Oldman, H. J.
O'Leary, C.
Orme, D.
Paine, S. L. T.
Parratt, E. W. C.
Pendle, R. E. 
Perry, S.
Pitcher, D.
Plunkett, C. K.
Priestley, J.
Quin, J. S.
Rae, R. W.
Raine, F. G.
Rankin, H. A.
Reaney, K.
Rees, W. C.
Relph, G. T.
Riddel, V.
Roach, S. C.
Roberts, G.
Roberts, R. F.
Robertson, T. C.
Rowe, L.
Rumsan, D. D.
Saunders, P.
Scott, G. A.
Skinner, L. J.
Smith, F. S.
Smith, H.
Smithers, F. P.
Stamper, I.
Swain, E. H.
Symons, D.
Tasker, H. G.
Thomas, D.
Thompson, I.
Thompson, S. G.
Toby, E.
Tubbs, T.

723 East Acton
593 Acock's Green
188 Strand
746 Dagenham
257 Tottenham
346 Whitechapel
103 Birmingham
294 Grays
220 Fulham
5 Leeds
339 Notting Hill
421 Penarth
530 Leytonstone
147 Burton-on-Trent
428 Banbury
128 Southampton
Metropolitan District Office
118 Glasgow
161 Oxford Street, London
1 Liverpool
319 Sheffield Haymarket
728 Purley
459 Golders Green
66 Blackpool
6 Hull
135 Swansea
695 Leighton Buzzard
506 Porth
235 Blackburn
286 Wembley
81 Weston-Super-Mare
321 Durham
14 Swansea
286 Keighley
227 Nuneaton
727 Finchley
216 Staines
296 Catford
129 Leyton
744 Highgate
52 Luton
125 Gloucester
706 Pinner
159 Carlisle


Walters, C.
Walton, S. C.
Watt, J. J.
Welch, J.
Whitcombe, D.
White, G. A. 
White, S.
Whitehead, C.
Whyatt, H. R.
Wightman, N.
Wilcher, N.
Wiles, H.
Willis, J. A.
Wilmot, A. A.
Yard, C. E. R.

464 Monmouth
327 Wisbech
35 Portsmouth
491 Leigh-on-Sea
677 Wells
176 Kentish Town
463 Oxford Street, London
230 Manchester
616 Hucknall
154 Gateshead
702 Barkingside, London
372 Farnham
177 Maidstone
288 Brighton, London Road
350 Northampton



They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old,
Age shall not wither them nor the years condemn;
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We shall remember them

Rest In Peace


Memoria in Aeterna - Semper Fideles. We remember. FWW MMVIII


Abide with Me was sung by the Embassy Choristers, Directed by Eric Wilson Hyde
© F. W. Woolworth & Co. Limited and Oriole/Embassy Records 1962.


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