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1940s War Austerity and Recovery Gallery


Finest Hour: World War II in the Woolworths Museum


Top: defiance at the height of the Blitz; Middle: a controversial message from HR; Bottom: What the RAF and USAF did to 'our store in Berlin'Top: fire watchers from Gosport, Hampshire; Middle: Hounslow High Street on fire; Bottom: Mighty Midget books which helped take children's minds off the bombing overhead.

A world apart in 1939/40   Fire from the sky as cities face The Blitz

Woolies buy two Spitfires for the RAF  Channel Island Occupation   

Rationing & Price Rises   Home front defiance  D-Day 'Home from Home'

   V1 and V2 rockets and the darkest hour   Reconstruction and Austerity

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Days after the original Woolworth superstore in Old Town Street, Plymouth was destroyed by enemy action in Wolrd War II, it re-opened in Plymouth market