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Woolworth's 1970s Budget Music Jukebox


Play Chevron's cover of the Madness Hit 'One Step Beyond Play Chevron's cover of the Tra La La Song 'Banana Splits'
Play the LA Sounds version of Evergreen ( 'Do you know where you're going to?')
Gloria Gaynor kept thinking 'You can never live without this by your side'
Radio commercial for Chevron Records and Tapes for 99p ('Are you feeling all right, Colin?')
Sir Henry Cooper fantastic version of 'I'm Henery the Eighth I am'
The Cliff Adams Singers from Radio 2's 'Sing Something Simple' with 'You are the sunshine of my life' The Donettes with an instrumental of the Christmas song that Woolworths made their own - 'Winter Wonderland'
A catchy version of the song made famous by 'It's a Knockout'
Rod Allen's Wonder March, the Wonder of Woolworth song
In tribute to Administrators everywhere - Madison Canada's contribution as Top Pops perform 'The Stripper' Elvis Costello will be wishing that he was anywhere else than here today!

The Woolworths Museum Virtual Jukebox


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