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You've got to believe that it's magic (1920s)

In the 1920s and 1930s Woolworth stores were famous for selling magic tricks. The items were imaginatively designed and simply made, with some designed for conjuring tricks and some for practical jokes. Mass production that they could be offered at unbeatable prices, with 'Nothing Over Sixpence', at the time the equivalent of just 2½p or 10¢, or around £2.11 or $1.60 today. Some were just threepence or half this amount.

The products were advertised from time to time in the newspapers and the firm also gave away bright pink leaflets with details of the latest range for people to take home and plan a party. We've reproduced a full four page brochure below, or if you prefer you can download a PDF of the full four-page leaflet. While some of the tricks would look very old-fashioned today, many would be just as clever or just as funny in the 21st Century as they were when our great great grandparents were children.


The first of four pages from a magic tricks leaflet from the late 1920s


The second of four pages from a 1920s leaflet promoting the range of magic tricks available from British Woolworth stores for sixpence or less in the late 1920s


The third of four pages from a 1920s leaflet promoting the extensive range of magic tricks and practical jokes that were available for sixpence (2.5p, or roughly 10 cents) from a Woolworth store


The back cover of a four page leaflet promoting the range of magic tricks and practical jokes that were available at a Woolworth store in the late 1920s for sixpence or less


"Sell a toy, spread some joy"
Frank W. Woolworth, Proprietor

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