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The Woolworths Museum Roll of Honour

Thanking our key contributors


Two Woolworths buildings in the High Street at Hitchin, Herfordshire. The original branch on the left is now occupied by Boots the Chemist, while the more recent store on the right has been adapted since Woolworths closed.


We have tried to acknowledge the original copyright owners of every exhibit. Most of the images are from private collections, with the majority of pictures painstakingly captured and collated by the site author, who bought much of the content from collectors around the world from his own pocket. Some items were contributed by site visitors or are of unknown origin.

The site is intended for historical research. Commercial use requires a licence.

If you believe you have a claim to the copyright on any of the material shown here, please contact us.

An early storyboard of the interface design of the Woolworths Museum, which was created by Paul Seaton © Copyright 3D and 6D Pictures Ltd 2001-2011
The Museum was originally created as a hobby, unpaid, by a long-serving employee of the British store company. Work on an updated site was already in progress when the firm collapsed into Administration. It was completed in the thirty months after the last store closed its doors.

The Museum curator and visual designer is Paul Seaton. Many former British store colleagues and American Associates contributed to the site, and Paul is particularly grateful for the encouragement that he has received from ancestors of the original founders, including members of the Woolworth, Charlton, Stephenson and Denempont families.


The 5Ws that Woolworths used as a logo in-store over 129 years

The author is very grateful to all of the contributors and would like to express his appreciation them. One of the core values of Woolworths plc was Pride in the brand. Employees proved that wasn't simply handed down from the top of the organisation but something that colleagues believed in throughout the hundred years in the High Street.

A sincere thank you to the site's major contributors

United States of America

Mr. Scott Oakford - Photographs, documents and research
Mrs. Cynthia Patzer Egner - Photographs, maps and research
Mr. John Compton  - Documents, photographs, research, storylines and exhibits*
Mr. Richard Helena - Documents, photographs, research and exhibits*
 Mr. D. X. Ripley - Special exhibit from Woolco*
Mr. Fred Peterson - Diaries and documents
Ms Merle Sprinzen - Gramophone Records information
Mr Fred M Woolworth III

United Kingdom

Mr. Ray Gallanders and his late father Reg - a distinguished servant of the Company*
The daughters of the late Mr. William (Bill) C. Pell - a 42 year stalwart of FWW*
Mr. Dan Seymour - putting the first version of the Virtual Museum on-line in 2004*
Ms. Nicole Lander - Support, inspiration and much practical help*
Mr. Andy Hayzelden - photographs, documents and storylines*
Mr. Bob Waldron - photographs and storylines*
Mr. Roger Stafford - photographs and research*
Mr. Parry Hughes-Morgan - documents*
Mr. Andy Latham - photographs*
Mr. Trevor Dahl - photographs and storylines*
Mrs. Jayne Britten - documents and photographs*
Mr. Bob Tomkys - photographs and research*
Mr. Neil Riches - photographs and documents*
The Corporate Affairs Team at Woolworths plc - for documents, exhibits and images*
Mr. Andrew Coverdale - images*
Mr. Andy Coveney - images and research*
Mr. Stephen Bruce - images and research*
Mr Daniel Himsworth*
Mr Doug Sargeant*
Local Studies Unit, London Borough of Croydon
Local Studies Unit, Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames
London Borough of Lewisham
Deptford Historical Society
Mrs Sybil Preece and Mr Norman Preece
Mr Symon Knightswood
Mr Ray Reardon
Mr Andrew Davies
Mr Graham Hill
Ms Jo Hall
Ms Catrina Hammond
Mr Tony Page
Mr John Wills*

Colleagues at the Woolworths stores in Croydon, Hull, Kingston, Kettering, Redhill, and Uxbridge*

Former Colleagues and Associates are denoted by an *asterisk