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The Woolworths Museum is a fansite celebrating the High Street and Main Street F.W. Woolworth store chains of North America and the British Isles, and their sister companies around the world. It is not an official website. Like a 'real' museum, the content is arranged in galleries, each one covering either a span of time, a product range or other subject area. Please choose a gallery by clicking its button in the vertical navigation bar on the left of the screen. Each gallery begins with a contents page, which shows its main articles and features. There are also many hyperlinks in the page text to related content. Virtually all pictures on the site have 'Alt' and 'Title' tags, which should appear if you float your mouse over them. More information

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Site Map


At a glanceHistory Summary   History PDF   Woolworths Timeline   Bibliography  Price Inflation  On-line shop

1800s Gallery
The inspiration: Overview   Woolworth Bros. Childhood    Birthplace in Watertown NY   The first five cent table   
North America: False start in Utica NY    The first Woolworth's    Buying syndicate     European Buying

1900s Gallery
US expansion: Lancaster skyscraper    Large city stores    Flotation in 1905
US 5¢&10¢ Biographies: F.W. Woolworth   C.S. Woolworth   S.H. Knox  E.P. Charlton    F.M. Kirby  W.H. Moore
UK 3d&6d Biographies:  Summary    F.M. Woolworth   B.D. Miller    C.H. Hubbard    J.B.Snow   W.L. Stephenson
UK openings:   Locating the stores   Financing and Structure   Controversy   First store opening

1910s Gallery
America: $65m merger creates F.W. Woolworth Co.    The world's tallest building   Retailing in a world war
People: Working in-store    American recruits in the UK    Replacing Frank Woolworth in 1919   Great War memorial
Britain & Ireland: The first six stores    London openings   The 44 pioneers   Great War Postcards    Effect on British shopping

1920s Gallery
UK/Eire: Overview   Real estate   Virtual store   Rapid openings   Suppliers   Community projects
Multimedia: The Girl from Woolworths   Woolworth Wedding song   Gramophone records
Worldwide: USA 50th birthday  50th Anniversary Souvenir   Australian namesake   FWW GmbH of Germany

1930s Gallery
UK Trading: High Street dominance   London Listing   Buying   Character Brands   Ladybird clothes   Restaurant
Marketing: 10¢ and 6d Price Limits   First catalogues
Multimedia: Royalty and Empire   Thirties Jukebox   The Lion and Albert   Pre-war media gallery
People: "New Bond" staff magazine   Working in a Thirties store    Rumblings of war

War, Austerity and Recovery Gallery (1939-49)
World War: Xmas 1939: a world apart   Blitzkrieg    Preparing for D-Day   Occupation of the Channel Islands
Home Front: The Woolworth Spitfires   Inflation and Rationing   Defiance of the stores   Multimedia tribute
Lest we Forget: V2 rockets bring the darkest hour   New Cross Memorial   Woolworths Staff War Memorial
Winning the Peace: Reconstruction and austerity    

1950s Gallery
British Stores: War reinstatements   The mobile shop   First self-service stores   Virtual Fifties store
Celebrations: Coronation of Elizabeth II   Coronation Album   UK firm turns 50   Golden Jubilee Advertisement
Worldwide: New stores in the Commonwealth   Caribbean Album   Zimbabwe Album    Warning from the USA
Multimedia: Embassy Records cover story   Fifties Jukebox   What's on TV?

1960s Gallery
Diversification:  Sixties Overview   Out of town   Winfield own brand   Superstores    Food   Automation
Multimedia: Hits of the Sixties   Embassy Jukebox
People: Working conditions    USA - race and space  Management Booklet   Staff Handbook  Office Overview

1970s Gallery
USA and Canada: Takeover Bid   100th birthday
Modernisation: Decimalisation    New product development   Central Distribution
Updating the formula: Hypermarkets and Supermarkets   Catalogue Shopping   Strategy for the 80s
Marketing & PR: TV Advertising     PR and the world outside   Memorial: Carelessness Causes Fire
Multimedia:  Image Gallery   Music on a Budget    Juke Box   TV Ads

1980s Gallery
The parting of the ways: F. W. Woolworth buys B&Q    21st Century Shopping in Bristol     Paternoster Takeover
Reinventing the brand: Property Disposals      Cornerstone Strategy      Dixons Takeover Fails    Focus Strategy
Product development: The Video Collection    Ladybird launch      Chad Valley toys
Multimedia:  Video Trailer   Movers and Shakers     The Lighter Side

1990s Gallery
UK trading formats: Limited Story Stores    Kids / Ladybird   Big W              
New technology:  EPOS Tills   Woolworths Direct   What Millennium Bug?
Ups and downs: Profits collapse   Record £100m return   Talks about talks    American Woolworth "retires"    Asda merger fails
Multimedia:  Meet the Team   1990s Store Gallery   Keith The Alien TV Ads     The Lighter Side of the 90s  Visit a Big W store

2000s Gallery
New management, new ideas:   Overview   Demerger    New direction and values    Wholesale & Media
New trading formulae: Market Towns and City Centres    The Smaller Stores    Multi-Channel Retail    WorthIt! Value Comeback
History in the making: Launch of the Virtual Museum   Death in the High Street: Store closures and move on-line
Multimedia:       Store Opening Video   Meet the team    The Lighter Side    Wooly & Worth Advertising   Wooly'n'Worth on TV

People Gallery:   The 1910s team    Americans who moved to Britain   The Property Dept  1930s Working Conditions
                             New Bond Staff Mag   Home front in WWII    50th Anniversary 1959   Commonwealth Openings
                             1960s Working Conditions   Accounting/Computers in the 60s   Central Distribution in the 70s
                             1980s/90s Working conditions Films:  80s People   90's People   Noughties People    Kids First Charity

Product Ranges:

Sweets and Pic'n'Mix:  Original US range    Original UK range    1930s Factory Tours    Wartime Rationing   Postwar Brands        
           Marketing   1980s market leadership   Candy Kings?    Film: The Good Ship Lollipop

Toys:   Our great grandparents' toys   It's magic   30s Character Brands    Film: In and out the Windows    
                         Record: The Lion and Albert    World War II   50 years ago    Mum and dad's toys    The race for space   
                  Cool for School   Woolies by Woolies at Woolies   80s and 90s Toys   Wooly and Worth    
Kids and Celebrations    Film: Century of Toys   Bonus items: Early Chad Valley   Chad Valley 1950-1980

Clothing  Overview (1909-2009)   Patterns and thread   The Ladybird Legend   First Ladybird in the 30s    Ladybird History    
New fashion range (1950-80)   Launch of Ladybird at Woolies     In the 21st Century    Film: The Easter Parade

Stationery & Books   Overview (1909-2009)     Early US and UK ranges   Film: Pre-war cards
Penguin Books   Picture Histories   Mighty Midgets in WWII   Launch of the Biro    Project Books
1980s and 1990s   21st Century    One very special book

The Christmas Store:   Decorations    Cards and Wrap   Windows    Jukebox   Catalogues    Advertising   Film: The Last Noel

Home and Garden:       A Century of China and Glass    DIY, Thrift and Economy   Leading Lights    Seeds, Bulbs and Plants
Pan-o-rama    The lost departments

Entertainment:   Overview   A Woolworth Wedding    The Girl from Woolworths    First Records   Recording    1935 Jubilee 
Coronation 1953   Embassy Covers   70s budget music    70s Juke Box   Video   21st Century

Jukeboxes:         Little Wonder (1914-24)   Marvel (1921-27)   Mimosa (1921-27)   Victory (1927-31)   Eclipse (1931-35)
Embassy (1954-9)   Embassy(1960-5)   Chevron (1978-82)   Sounds like Christmas


Virtual Cinema

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