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Woolworths first sold sheet music in 1895. The stores sold millions of DVDs in their final year 2008, before the brand moved on-line with Shop Direct. Thanks to them the tradition continues to this day.

Music and Video Gallery

A brochure promoting Crown Records for sixpence in 1935A brochure promoting Embassy Records for sixpence from Woolworths in 1931

Overview   A Woolworth Wedding    The Girl from Woolworths

First Records   Little Wonder   Little Marvel    Mimosa   Victory   Eclipse

Crown   Making the Records   Royal Jubilee 1935   Coronation 1953

Embassy 1950s    50s Juke Box    60s Embassy   60s Juke Box

70s budget music    70s Juke Box   Pre-recorded video   Hundred Up

Xmas Musicbox

Woolworths' first five million-selling gramophone record labels